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We are the absolute best when it comes to providing instruction and consultation in the area of Drug Law Enforcement.  We offer classes ranging from four hours to eighty hours on topics that keep Officers safe and reduce liabilities to agencies.

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Our speakers are retired DEA Agents, State and Local Officers as well as Professionals with advanced degrees who are experts in their particular fields.  Many have published books or articles and written publications specific to their expertise.  All of our instructors are vetted by the DEA Training Academy in Quantico, VA and graduates of the DEA Instructor Development Course or their Presentation Skills Course.  Their credibility and talent are unmatched.   We've been used and endorsed by the National Drug Enforcement Officers Association; the oldest Federal, State and Local Narcotics Investigator Cooperative in the country as well as by various DEA Field Divisions, HIDTAs, the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Probation Offices and numerous State & Local agencies and private companies.

Meet a true American Hero.  Stephen Murphy retired as the Deputy Assistant Administrator of the DEA in 2013, after a 37 year tenure in law enforcement.  He is also one of two American DEA Agents involved in the 1993 hunt, chase and shooting resulting in the death of the largest cocaine trafficker in the world; Pablo Escobar.  Steve joins our network and is available to share his incredible career as well as his insights and leadership.


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