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We are the absolute best when it comes to providing instruction and consultation in the area of Drug Law Enforcement.  We offer classes ranging from four hours to eighty hours on topics that keep Officers safe and reduce liabilities to agencies.

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Our speakers are retired DEA Agents, State and Local Officers as well as Professionals with advanced degrees who are experts in their particular fields.  Many have published books or articles and written publications specific to their expertise.  All of our instructors are vetted by the DEA Training Academy in Quantico, VA and graduates of the DEA Instructor Development Course or their Presentation Skills Course.  Their credibility and talent are unmatched.   We've been used and endorsed by the National Drug Enforcement Officers Association; the oldest Federal, State and Local Narcotics Investigator Cooperative in the country as well as by various DEA Field Divisions, HIDTAs, the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Probation Offices and numerous State & Local agencies and private companies.


The Hunt for Pablo

By all accounts, Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar was the wealthiest, most powerful and most violent criminal of the 20th Century. He collaborated with other dangerous drug traffickers to form the Medellin Cartel and eventually controlled more than 80% of all the cocaine distributed in the United States and was named one of 10 of the wealthiest people in the world. His ruthless tactics allowed him to operate with impunity throughout South America and he was responsible for the deaths of 3 Colombian Presidential candidates, an Attorney General, a Justice Minister, more than 200 judges, and more than 1,000 Police Officers.

Two American heroes were part of the ​largest, most complex, multi-national, multi-jurisdiction and high profile investigation of its time. This was the first time an entire drug Cartel was taken down and dismantled.  Steven Murphy and Javier Pena, the two DEA Agents working with an elite Colombian Task Force, will discuss the strategy, the hurdles and innovations that resulted in the chase and ultimate death of Pablo Escobar. This daylong seminar will provide a detailed case study into the Medellin Cartel with never before seen photos and stories that brought "America's Most Wanted" to Colombia to highlight the most dangerous criminal of all time.  These events are also the inspiration for a 2-year television series to be released sometime in 2015.  Meet these heroes before the rest of the country learns of their significant contribution to battling the world’s first Narco-Terrorist. 


Constitutional Policing & the Use of Force

While all Officers understand that the law doesn't allow for unconstitutional action or discrimination in law enforcement activities, many do not fully appreciate that the perception of many in the minority community is that police do target minorities in disproportionate numbers and many believe that police efforts often skirt constitutional requirements.  Strongly worded policies and procedures related to profiling and discrimination must be adopted where needed and officers from the top of the chain of command to the street level cops must consistently receive up to date training on issues related to Constitutional Policing.  Too frequently, issues related to the court's view on constitutional issues seem to be left unaddressed in any formal training.  This four to eight hour course of instruction looks at recent high profile events and focuses on recent court decisions that have a direct impact on Constitutional Policing.  The public and media perceive that there is a need for a better understanding by all law enforcement that its enforcement efforts must adhere to rigid constitutional standards and not on past practices and procedures.  If state and local departments do not consistently update their Officers with the latest constitutional cases and emerging trends, they expose their departments and Officers to both criminal and civil liability.


Diversity Issues in Modern Policing

Every 58 hours a Police Officer dies in the US. Where are the marches and protests over this?  What Police must realize is that the public has lost much respect and trust in law enforcement.  What the Community must realize is that Police react to situations with a different perspective than non-law enforcement.  If each can better understand the other, trust and respect will grow.  NLESB offers a class for Police and Community Leaders that can improve relationships with each.


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