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“Law enforcement officers can maximize their potential by operating more effectively, more safely, with reduced liabilities and greater professionalism when given the right tools and the confidence to use them.”

-        N.L.E.S.B. Vision Statement

Our vision is clear.  We strive to inspire confidence in those who protect and serve all of us.  We have tremendous respect and admiration for all who sacrifice so much for so little recognition.  This is why we do what we do.  This is how we do it.

Training is ineffective if no one hears the message.  Each year US government agencies and private sector companies spend billions of dollars on training.  Most of this training has had virtually no impact on improving the performance of the audience.  The message is not heard.

As a trainer, one of the most difficult tasks is finding quality instructors with provocative and current topics, at a reasonable cost.  If you are looking to put on a class just to satisfy a statistical requirement, there are plenty of instructors out there who would be thrilled to take your limited funds and they will have virtually no impact on your audience.  Many have less than ten years of experience in law enforcement.  They have even less experience related directly to their topic, yet they call themselves experts.  Cops recognize this immediately and shut them down.  Their message will not be heard and your money will be wasted.

The National Law Enforcement Speakers Bureau, LLC (NLESB) has hundreds of years in combined Law Enforcement experience ready to provide exciting, thought provoking and entertaining instruction for your agency.   Our instructors not only teach techniques, they inspire confidence in their audiences.  They are national recognized experts in their particular fields; appearing on Fox News, testifying before Congress and have been recognized as experts in Federal courts.  Our instructors are heard!  They not only talk the talk, they have walked the walk.

The NLESB has provided instruction to over 100,000 law enforcement professionals across the United States.  Our student evaluation critiques are unmatched.  Our programs cover a wide variety of narcotic related topics, including investigative techniques as well as educational and informational programs.

The NLESB has programs as short as two hours and as long as ten days.  We offer single classes to entire 2-Week Basic Narcotic Investigator Schools.  NLESB has programs on Prescription Drug Investigations, Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations, Increasing Asset Seizures and Commercial Airline Interdiction just to name a few.  We also create customized programs to meet your specific needs and enforcement issues.  All our programs are turn-key.  All we ask for is a venue, projector and sound system.  We handle all the rest.  You need not even be present.  We will take roll and send you the sign-in sheets freeing you to complete other pressing matters.  All we ask is that you try us.  Our goal is to make you and your agency look professional and recognize you as a leader in providing training.  As the saying goes, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!”

We don't just provide Instructors for Law Enforcement agencies, we also do Schools, Corporate & Medical Professionals, Civic Groups and more with courses on Drug Awareness, Fraud Detection and Negotiation Skills.  Our expert Instructors can tailor a topic to fit your needs; from Classroom Instruction, to Practical Exercises, to Motivational Topics.  We have what you need.

Our speakers are retired DEA Agents, State and Local Officers as well as Professionals with advanced degrees who are experts in their particular fields.  Many have published books or articles and written publications specific to their expertise.  Their credibility and talent are unmatched.   We've been used and endorsed by the National Drug Enforcement Officers Association; the oldest Federal, State and Local Narcotics Investigator Cooperative in the country as well as by various DEA Field Divisions, HIDTAs, the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Probation Offices and numerous State & Local agencies and private companies.

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